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May 8, 2022

Just back from a cruise on the south Atlantic 27 days Mia to Nice. Met a retired Delta pilot and we discussed Max problems amongst other things. He was ex military test pilot with major credentials in that endeavour. His view was that any pilot with Captain rating should have been able to handle the MCAS issue.
My view was that without the MCAS details in the manual, it was unlikely that the average pilot would even know it was there, let alone how to use it. Also (my view) was the “startle effect” would play a major role in doing the wrong thing. Time to sort it out was not lengthy either. By the time the MCAS was on its third input, the elevator was no longer effective no matter what the control input was. I also pointed out that as a test pilot he would have a program to follow and any deviation from that program would be what he was there to note or to try a given remedy. No surprises. He disagreed.
Welcome any other viewpoints.